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Primair voor telemark en tourskiën 
Travel Sheet Thermolite Radiator
Dekbed model lakenzak die tot 9C toevoegd aan de slaapzak
Secret Neck Wallet
Soft 100% Polyester Neck Wallet for safe storage of money and travel documents. Inside TPU lamination protects your passport and money from sweat and water. Fully welded - no stitching. Three pockets with YKK Aqua Guard Water Repellent Zippers. Adjustable strap.
Beach Bag/ Laundry Bag Traveler
Practical beach and laudry bags with water repellent bottom.
Handy Duct Tape Ruban
High quality Duct Tape with peel off backing. Fits anywhere – in your pocket, pack, first aid kit, toolbox and wallet! Customize the length to what you need – the removable backing keeps the duct tape fresh and ready to use anytime!
Thermo flask
Twin walled stainless steel insulated flask with 2 mugs and comfortable push stopper. A simple screw stopper is also included (not quite so practical as the push model, but 100% leak proof). The flasks are particularly well insulated due to the silver coating on the inner container.
FOX 40
Safety neck Lanyard
Lanyard met veiligheidsclip in diverse kleuren
FOX 40
Compact fluitje met goede hoorbaarheid met 110 decibel
FOX 40
Sharx Safety
Fluitje ontworpen om in de extreemste weersomstandigheden te blijven presteren, zowel droog als nat werkt ie!
Denali EVO
Nieuwe uitvoering van de klassieke sneeuwschoen
EHBO-set Regular
EHBO-set geschikt voor alle outdooractiviteiten
Simple, compact headlamp for proximity lighting 150 lumens
Sleeping Bag Liner - Mummy - Silk
Mummy shaped sleeping bag liner, designed to add comfort and protection to your bag, for use in technical sleeping bags.
Wire Saw
The strongest wire saw that we have managed to find, with 8 plaited special wire strands. With handy loops.
Ultralight Bivy Double
tweepersoons lichtgewicht noodbivakzak
Splash Squeeze Bottle
98 ml Food-grade BPA free silicone bottle with hole for easy storing or hanging. Comes in handy wherever you go. Use it for gels, oils, lotions, etc. like shampoos, soap, sun screen. Perfect for toiletry use. The attachment hole fits perfectly on the Mammoth Mobile Hangers.
Bali Comfort Towel
Comfortable sporthanddoek, dikker dan de Rubytec Terre. Praktisch voor onderweg of bijvoorbeeld voor op de sportschool.
Carabiner Compass 10 Thermo
A series of compasses to take with you everywhere. Not for advanced navigation, but a great aid if you need to find the right direction. A small curvy compass with thermometer. Cardinal directions and degrees in intervals of 30.
First Aid Kit Essential Waterproof
Lichtgewicht en waterproof ehbo setje

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