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Probe Aluminium 260 Pieps


The Pieps Aluminium Probe is designed to confirm and pinpoint an avalanche victim's location. The probe incorporates a quick-closing latch for efficient assembly and the tubes are a special aluminium alloy in two colours, which makes it a steady, sturdy choice.
The probe is collapsible (in order to save you some space) and features a special speed-cone for quick extension.
In addition, the probe is adorned with a centimetre scale which is useful for estimating the victim's position and gauging the best angle to dig from.
In an emergency only one thing counts: unconditional, hands-on reliability!    To live up to this challenge, Pieps collaborates with mountain guides, mountain rescue teams, ski instructors and scientists during product development. When it comes to manufacturing and developing mountaineering equipment, their professional know-how as well as 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of avalanche search beacons ensures the quality of their Premium Alpine Performance products. Mission of Pieps The Mission and  Claim of the Pieps Premium Alpine Performance has a main priority as a positioning characteristic. This claim is also the basis for their vision and their product positioning. Alpine stands for the product relation and defines the field of activity as mountain sports equipment. Because of the historic development the main focus is on safety equipment.   From Performance deriviates the high approach to absolute practical functionality. Moreover it also means for PIEPS to gain the technological leadership in different areas. Premium defines the positioning of their products, that are settled in the hiqh quality segment.   Based on the synonym for safety in ice and snow, the brand PIEPS is developed in the way that focuses on safety equipment.

Every one venturing into avalanche territory should go equipped with the necessary safety equipment. Remember a probe is useless without a TRANSVEIVER to locate the victim and a SHOVEL to dig them out once you have established their depth using the PROBE.

Technische specificaties


  • duurzaam materiaal
  • Speed Cone
  • 6 tubes
  • gewicht: 285g
  • totale lengte: 260cm
  • tube lengte: 42cm

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