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Bionic Crosslock Mammut


The Bionic CrossLock impresses with its innovative and unique anti-crossload mechanism, which prevents dangerous lateral loading. It features a locking mechanism that is movable in two directions. This allows you to attach the carabiner hook to the belay loop extremely quickly and only using one hand. Once properly adjusted, the locking mechanism holds the carabiner hook in place during belaying. When you've finished, you can quickly remove the carabiner hook from the belay loop with one hand. Practical for all those who love climbing!

Technische specificaties

  • Weight [g]


  • Height

    112.5 mm

  • Width

    78 mm

  • Vertical breaking load

    20 kN

  • Open breaking load

    7 kN

  • Horizontal breaking load

    9 kN

  • Weight

    96 g

  • Cut


  • Unique anti-crossload mechanism
  • Patent pending
  • Very simple operation with only one hand
  • Convenient handling when securing with any securing device or knot thanks to large curve radius

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