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Black Diamond
Positron Quickpack - 6 x 12cm
The Positron Quickpack features six versatile Positron quickdraws for multi-discipline functionality.
Black Diamond
PosiWire Quickpack 12cm
With six versatile PosiWire draws in one convenient pack, the PosiWire Quickpack is ready for any climbing adventure.
Webbing protection holding carabiner in place
Dogbone om zelf setjes mee te maken, extra dik zodat je'm goed kunt vastpakken
Finesse Sling 10cm
Sling with STRING S for quickdraw The FINESSE sling is ultra-light. The STRING S webbing protection on the rope end protects the webbing from abrasion while keeping the carabiner in position.
Spirit Express Quickdraw
Quickdraw for sport climbing The SPIRIT EXPRESS quickdraw offers better clipping for sport climbing. Weighing less than 100 g, it is versatile and moves easily from the crag to long sport routes. It has a straight-gate SPIRIT carabiner on top and a bent-gate version on bottom. The top carabiner, equipped with the Keylock system and a special nose shape, facilitates clipping and unclipping the anchor. The bottom carabiner, with bent gate and Keylock system, facilitates clipping the rope. The EXPRESS sling is equipped with a STRING protector to hold the lower carabiner in position. Its ergonomic shape offers excellent grip when working a route.

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