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Rap-Vap Towel LightWave


In 2011 Lightwave introduced Europe to a new concept in ultralight towels for trekking, travelling and sports of all kinds – the RAP-VAP.

The RAP-VAP towel is sewn from a Polartec® polyester that is normally used as a base-layer fabric. With a fabric weight of 140 g/m², the RAP-VAP towels weigh in at a mere 40 g (Small) and 95 g (Medium).

Ultra-fast drying
The towel works by pulling moisture away from the body and then distributing it across the surface of the fabric. Since the moisture is not actually absorbed by the fibres, it evaporates more quickly, hence the fast drying time.

No bad odours
As well as being substantially lighter than conventional microfibre towels currently on the market, the fabric also has a permanent silver-based anti-microbial treatment to inhibit smells.


Technische specificaties

Size: 60 x 95 cm
Weight: 95 gram

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